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This week’s news and analysis from Russia introduced by our staff and guests.

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    Crimea five years later. And how Russia’s wealthy are taking advantage of the country’s legal system

    This week on From Russia With News, we discuss the five year anniversary of the hugely controversial referendum in Crimea with Elena Chernenko, the deputy foreign editor at the Kommersant newspaper.

    We'll also talk to Moscow Times correspondent Evan Gershkovich about his investigation that revealed how rich Russians dodge taxes and move court cases to a southern Russian region where their lawsuits are heard by friendly judges.

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    The Troika Laundromat explained. And how Russia is dealing with returning Islamic State brides

    This week on From Russia With News, we discuss the explosive Troika Laundromat investigation with Paul Radu, the executive director of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, which revealed the scheme.

    We'll also talk to Guardian correspondent Andrew Roth on why the return of hundreds of women and children from Iraq and Syria has become a major problem for Russia

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    Two senior Russian cybersecurity experts convicted of treason. And the legacy of media executive Igor Malashenko

    This week on From Russia With News, we speak with New York Times journalist Andrew Kramer about the sentencing of two Russian cyber-security experts this week, handed decades behind bars for treason.

    We'll also talk to veteran journalist Artemy Troitsky about the life and legacy of Igor Malashenko, the media executive and political consultant found dead in Spain on Monday.

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    Arrest of ‘legendary’ U.S. investor Calvey. And why Russian soldiers no longer can take selfies

    This week on From Russia With News, Financial Times Bureau Chief Henry Foy joins us in the studio to talk about the arrest of Michael Calvey, the U.S. founder of Baring Vostok, Russia’s biggest independent private equity firm. We'll also talk with Coda journalist Simon Ostrovsky to discuss the new Duma law that bans Russian soldiers from taking selfies or sharing information online. In 2015, Ostrovsky tracked Russian soldiers in Ukraine using data pulled from their social media accounts in a now-famous documentary for Vice News.

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    The great firewall of Russia. Why polar bears pillaged a Siberian village. Julia Ioffe on Putin and Trump

    This week on From Russia With News, investigative journalist and security services expert Andrei Soldatov tells us why Russia is moving closer to give the authorities the power to unplug the country's internet from the outside world. And Greenpeace Energy Head Vladimir Chuprov has the latest on the polar bear invasion in Russia's Far North that has captivated the world. We'll also hear from distinguished journalist Julia Ioffe on the state of U.S-Russia relations and her personal experiences covering both countries.

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    The Taliban gets Moscow’s VIP treatment. And why some new economic stats are raising eyebrows.

    This week on From Russia With News, Middle East expert Alexei Khlebnikov tells us why Russia hosted their former foes, the Taliban, in Moscow this week. And Bloomberg columnist Leonid Bershidsky talks about why Rosstat’s new economic prognosis looks too good to be true.

    We’ll also hear from religious affairs commentator Roman Lunkin about what’s next for religious minorities in Russia after a Danish Jehovah’s Witness was handed a six-year sentence for extremism.

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    Gay purge in Chechnya. And crumbling Soviet infrastructure.

    Yekaterina Sokirianskaya of the Conflict Analysis and Prevention Center explains why Ramzan Kadyrov’s crackdown on the LGBT community in Chechnya is unlikely to be stopped. And following a series of fatal gas explosions in apartment buildings this year, Maxim Trudolyubov explains what the authorities should be doing to shore up aging Soviet-era infrastructure.

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    Paul Whelan spy scandal. A schism in the Orthodox Church.

    Washington Post reporter Amie Ferris-Rotman has the latest on the espionage scandal unfolding in Moscow. And religious affairs columnist Christopher Stroop explains what’s likely to come of the rift between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches.

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