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From Russia With News

This week’s news and analysis from Russia introduced by our staff and guests.

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    The Taliban gets Moscow’s VIP treatment. And why some new economic stats are raising eyebrows.

    This week on From Russia With News, Middle East expert Alexei Khlebnikov tells us why Russia hosted their former foes, the Taliban, in Moscow this week. And Bloomberg columnist Leonid Bershidsky talks about why Rosstat’s new economic prognosis looks too good to be true.

    We’ll also hear from religious affairs commentator Roman Lunkin about what’s next for religious minorities in Russia after a Danish Jehovah’s Witness was handed a six-year sentence for extremism.

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    Gay purge in Chechnya. And crumbling Soviet infrastructure.

    Yekaterina Sokirianskaya of the Conflict Analysis and Prevention Center explains why Ramzan Kadyrov’s crackdown on the LGBT community in Chechnya is unlikely to be stopped. And following a series of fatal gas explosions in apartment buildings this year, Maxim Trudolyubov explains what the authorities should be doing to shore up aging Soviet-era infrastructure.

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    Paul Whelan spy scandal. A schism in the Orthodox Church.

    Washington Post reporter Amie Ferris-Rotman has the latest on the espionage scandal unfolding in Moscow. And religious affairs columnist Christopher Stroop explains what’s likely to come of the rift between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches.

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    End of year special: Looking back on 2018

    Moscow Times editors Eva Hartog and Jonathan Brown discuss the ups and downs of 2018 with former MT editor Nabi Abdullaev, Guardian correspondent Andrew Roth and Reuters reporter Polina Ivanova.

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    In memoriam Lyudmila Alexeyeva. And Russia's trash protests boil over.

    Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch remembers the life and work of Lyudmila Alexeyeva, the matriarch of Russia's human rights movement. And Moscow Times reporter Evan Gershkovich describes how Russia's ailing waste management system could be a political time bomb.

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    Trump gives Russia an INF ultimatum. Аnd Ukraine bars Russian military-aged men.

    The United States has issued Russia an ultimatum: start complying with the INF missile treaty, or we’re out. Russian military expert Alexander Goltz explains why this could come as a relief to Moscow. And we speak to journalist Natalia Vasilyeva about how Ukraine's recent ban on Russian men has complicated life along the border.

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    Tensions with Ukraine boil over. And Russian rappers go to battle.

    Journalists Elena Chernenko and Christopher Miller discuss escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine following a dramatic naval skirmish. Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina tells us why Russian rappers might have become a little too political for the Kremlin's liking.

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    A close call at Interpol. And how EU pears dodge Russian sanctions.

    This week on the program, outspoken Kremlin critic Bill Browder describes his last-minute campaign to stop a Russian general from becoming the president of Interpol. Dutch journalist Tom Vennink tells us how pears from Belgium and the Netherlands circumvent a Russian import ban to end up on supermarket shelves in Moscow.

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